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Why is my Internet not working?

There are a lot of possible reasons why your internet isn’t working. An offline modem/gateway, hardware failure, or other issues might be to blame.

Try these solutions here to resolve the issue and get back online.

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Troubleshooting: Some devices won’t connect to WiFi.

If you are able to connect some devices but not all your devices to the internet, this issue is likely to be a device or connection based issues.

Try the following these simple troubleshooting steps until your issue is resolved.

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What is the difference between 2.4GHz and 5GHz?

2.4 GHz offers speeds great for surfing and coverage for farther distances. 5 GHz offers faster speeds great for streaming in a closer range of the modem/gateway.

Each network has its advantages and disadvantages. See the table here for more information.

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Understanding My Bill

Billing: Explained.

Every Mascon customer gets assigned to a bill cycle which runs from the 1st to last day of each month. Bills are sent out at the middle of each month (15th) with the due date on the 1st of the month following.

Adding, changing or signing up for additional services will result in a pro-rated bill, and will show an additional balance owning that is due of the 1st of the following month.

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What to expect: Your first bill.

Every Mascon customer gets assigned to a bill cycle which runs from the 1st to last day of each month. Bills are sent out at the middle of each month (15th) with the due date on the 1st of the month following.

At the start of each bill cycle, you’ll be charged for your regular monthly services, such as television and internet, which are billed 1 month in advance.

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How to pay your bill.

The easiest way to pay your Mascon bill is to pay by credit card online using ourMyMascon portal.

There are many other simple ways to pay as well. More information can be found here.

More information here.

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Cable TV

What channels do you offer?

Visit our Cable TV page here to see what channels are offered.

To view our packages and pricing, please view the information here.

To inquire about adding or changing your service options, please reach out to us.

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Why does my TV say no signal?

This message means your TV is not able to receive a signal from the device its been told to look at (the digital receiver).

This message can usually be resolved with these steps.

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NHL blackout information.

Due to regional broadcast regulations set forth by the NHL, NHL game telecasts must beblacked out in certain areas of Canada. These broadcast boundaries for NHL games have been set by the NHL for over 20 years and continue today.

When the game is blacked out, it may show “One Moment Please” or “Not Authorized”.

To help you better understand how you are impacted by blackouts, here is a basic summary of which games you can watch.

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Mascon Stream TV

Coming soon, Mascon’s new internet-based TV platform.

Mascon Stream TV set to launch in select locations tentatively in 2022.

What is Mascon Stream TV?

Mascon Stream TV instantly gives you total control of the TV programming you love, and
much more!

Unlike traditional TVs and set top boxes that get a TV signal over a coaxial cable connected to a cable wall jack in your home, your Stream TV device gets the TV signal over a wired or wireless connection to your home network.

You’ll receive all of
your channels, as well as On Demand and access to streaming providers, over that one

With the ability to record shows, movies and every episode of a series you won’t miss a thing!

Learn more here!
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How to add apps and your other streaming accounts.

Setting up access your new Apps like Youtube, Prime Video, and Netflixfrom the Apps & Games section in the home screen is easy with this guide.
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Voice with Google Assistant.

To use the voice command feature press and release Google Assistant button, and speak into the microphone on the remote.

See this helpful guide for details.
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The benefits of signing up to MyMascon.

Easily view your bills, track internet data usage, make credit card payments and more with MyMascon.

More information here.

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How to access your voicemail.

Find information here on how you access and change setting for your Voicemail.
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No dial tone on my home phone.

If you’re experiencing no dial tone with your phone, please check to make sure all phones are on the hook and that cordless phone batteries are charged.

Please follow the steps here to try and restore service.
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Troubleshooting: Not receiving calls on my phone.

If you’re having trouble receiving phone calls with your Voice service, try whichever of these steps applies to you.
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Mascon Email FAQs.

Find information here on commonly asked questions.
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Mail server settings for

When configuring your email account within an email client (MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.), we recommend using the IMAP protocol rather than POP.

Please follow the steps here.
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How to integrate your new Gmail account with Windows 10.

Check out the information here on how to complete this integration.
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