Social Purpose

Social Purpose

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At Mascon by TELUS, we’re committed to driving meaningful change — from helping communities grow  stronger, connecting Canadians in need and reducing our environmental footprint.

Some of the ways we help

Making a difference in our communities

By placing community funding in the hands of local leaders who know our communities best, we’re giving where we live.

Available opportunities:

Mascon by TELUS Community Grants

Mascon by TELUS Community Sponsorships

Connecting Canadians for Good

Through our ‘Connecting Canadians for Good’ programs, we’re helping ensure that even the most vulnerable among us have access to technology.

Explore our Internet for Good programs

Progressing the path of Indigenous reconciliation

Through our world-leading technology and passion for creating stronger, healthier communities, we’re supporting the goals of Indigenous Peoples.

Learn about our reconciliation commitments