Data Usage

Managing your internet data usage

Information on apps and activities which impact your internet data usage.

Activities that consume data

Everything you do on the internet consumes data, some activities consume less while others could consume lots of data. 

If you find you are consistently exceeding your monthly data allowance, consider upgrading your plan to a Home Essential Bundle where unlimited data is included.  You could also  add an additional 1 TB of data for $25 per month or take unlimited data for $50 per month. 

All prices exclude applicable taxes.

Data Usage ActivityApprox. Data Usage
Watching Netflix in 4K / UHD 7 GB per hour
Watching Netflix in HD3 GB per hour
Watching Netflix in SD1 GB per hour
Downloading moviesApproximately 700 MB (depending on the length of the movie)
Video conferencing200 MB per hour
Streaming audioUp to 100 MB per hour
Uploading/downloading large filesOver 100 MB
Online gamingFrom 25 MB per hour to 200 MB per hour (depending on the game)
Email30 MB per 10 emails with attachments
Web browsing250 MB per 250 page visits

Controlling usage

The best way to predict your future needs is often to look at your current and past usage.

You can track your data usage to ensure you are on an Internet plan that meets your needs:

  1. Log into My Mascon
  2. Click on View Internet Data Usage
  3. Or call 1.866.832.6020 to speak with a Customer Service Representative who can inform you of your usage and advise.

Managing data usage when streaming video

Streaming video is often the biggest contributor to Internet data usage. So understanding how it works is especially important.

Most video streaming services allow users to control video quality – which has a direct effect on data usage. Be aware of two factors:

  • Both YouTube and Netflix have an Auto setting. If selected, the streaming service will deliver the optimal quality setting, based on the speed of your Internet connection.
  • If you have a very fast connection, a higher quality signal will be delivered.

If you upgrade your Internet speed, your data usage may increase. This is because the faster speed allows for a higher quality image, which in turn consumes more data.


With Netflix, your settings can only be adjusted on the Netflix website.


On YouTube, a quality selector tool appears directly below the video frame, as shown below, selecting a lower quality video stream will reduce your data usage.

Understanding your data allowance and charges

Information on monthly internet data allowances and overage charges

Mascon provides a wide variety of internet options to meet your varying needs. Each plan comes with a monthly data allowance. See below whether your Internet plan aligns with your usage.

Mascon Internet PlanMonthly Data AllowanceTypical
Internet 2402 TB- Heavy use of video streaming, online gaming, downloading of large files with multiple users on multiple devices$0.15 per GB
Internet 1201000 GB- Heavy use of video streaming
- Regular online gaming
- Frequent downloading of large files
$0.15 per GB
Internet 60600 GB- Multiple users on multiple devices
- Video chatting/conferencing
- Moderate use of streaming video/audio
$0.15 per GB
Internet 20350 GB- Some online gaming
- Regular use of social media
$0.15 per GB
Internet 10200 GB- Light web browsing, shopping, banking
- Emailing (without huge attachments)
- Viewing some YouTube videos
- Occasional Skype use (voice only)

$0.15 per GB
AirSPEED 25500 GB- Streaming video/audio$0.35 per GB
AirSPEED 10300 GB- Regular use of social media$0.35 per GB
AirSPEED Wireless Ultra120 GB- Light web browsing, shopping, banking
- Emailing (without huge attachments)
- Light viewing of YouTube videos
$0.35 per GB
AirSPEED Wireless Home70 GB- Very light viewing of YouTube videos$0.35 per GB
AirSPEED Wireless Lite40 GB- Very light web browsing, shopping, banking
- Very light emailing (without huge attachments)
- Very light use of social media applications
$0.35 per GB