Internet for Good

Connecting families in need.

Having access to reliable internet is increasingly important in today’s interconnected world. But for less fortunate families, it can still be a struggle. 42% of low-income homes don’t have internet. Internet for Good is an innovative partnership with Canadian internet service providers and the British Columbia Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, and the Ministry of Community and Social Services in Alberta that provides eligible families with the tools and connectivity they need to succeed.

Program highlights

• Internet plans starting at just $9.95 per month (plus applicable taxes) for two years. No installation fee.

• Speeds of up to 25 megabits per second (where available) and up to 300 gigabits of data per month


Internet for Good supports thousands of low-income Canadian families in BC and Alberta who have children under the age of majority and are currently receiving the maximum Canada Child Benefit.

If you believe you qualify, submit your 2019 Canada Child Benefit (CCB) statement showing your family net income of less than or equal to $31,120 to Mascon at The Internet for Good account must be under the name of the individual named on page 1 of the CCB statement.

Note that Mascon will be recording your name, address as it appears on your CCB, email address and last four digits of your SIN. We will not be recording the names of your eligible children or your family net income.

Once your application is approved we will contact you via email or phone to discuss how to sign up. 

Alternate Option: Mascon is working in partnership with local school boards across the province to offer its Internet for Good program to students in need.  School Principals will be responsible for identifying families in need of an internet connection at home, and will coordinate between that family and Mascon to sign up for internet service. If you believe you qualify for this option, contact your school principal directly to discuss next steps.