Holiday Sale

Holiday Sale!!  Save up to $264!

Save up to $88 per month for 3 months on eligible Mascon Home Essentials Bundles with TV,  Internet and unlimited data.
Limited time offer.
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Home Essentials Bundle 120 now only $113² for the first 3 months.  

Bundle includes: 

  • Internet 120 with unlimited data
  • Digital Starter TV + 3 Theme packs
  • Free Modem Rental 
  • A $20 discount for the first 3 months will be applied on top of the ongoing $68 bundle savings.

Based on current regular month rate of individual services: Internet 120 at $105/month, Unlimited data at $50/ month Digital Starter + 3 Theme packs at $46/month.) 

Sign up today!

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(1)Limited time offer, ends on January 8, 2022 and is subject to change without notice. Final eligibility for the services will be determined by a Mascon representative. Three month promotional pricing is open to new customers only or existing customers upgrading to a bundle. Regular pricing applies at the end of the promotional period. Mascon reserves the right to make changes to, or withdraw services, pricing, and duration at any time without notice. From months 1-3, a $20/mo. discount applies to HEB 120, at month 4 regular pricing of HEB 120 of $133/month applies. Cancellation of any service within a bundle will result in removal of unlimited data and regular pricing applies to service kept, currently $105/month for Internet 120 with 1 TB of data and $46/month for TV + 3 Theme Packs. Applicable taxes not included. Regular price is subject to change. 

(2) Monthly savings for  $88/month based off of $20/mo. discount for the first 3 months and then the $68/mo savings  is based on current regular monthly rate of individual services. Internet 120 at $105/month, unlimited data at $50/month, Digital Starter +3 Theme packs at $46/month. . Mascon reserves the right to modify channel lineups and packaging, and regular pricing of TV packages, without notice. Mascon may charge you for all work and equipment supplied in order to extend existing Mascon network facilities to your premises, including any expenses incurred to secure rights of way, access and occupancy. The Services require electrical power to operate, which you must supply at no charge to Mascon, and you acknowledge and accept that you may lose service during a power outage unless you supply, install and maintain at your own expense a battery backup power system. “Mascon, the Mascon logo and are trademarks of TELUS Corporation, used under license. All copyrights for images, artwork and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.