Wildfire Update

Wildfire Update

Our team continues to monitor the wildfire situation in Northern BC.

We are working closely with emergency response agencies to protect our network infrastructure and support firefighters in the field by maintaining critical connectivity. 

Wildfires are unpredictable and it’s possible that in the coming days and weeks, they could damage our network and disrupt your Mascon by TELUS services. 

In the event that our infrastructure is damaged, our network capacity will be impacted and we will prioritize supporting voice calls, including those to 911, as well as other emergency services and hospital communications.

As we prioritize these emergency services, you may experience disruptions to your home services.

During this time, if your Mascon by TELUS services are disrupted, we kindly ask that you refrain from calling into Mascon by TELUS customer service to preserve your local network capacity for critical emergency calls.

Know that if your services are affected, we are working to fully restore them as soon as possible.