Watch out! SPAM emails are on the rise!

There has been a recent increase in malicious emails sent to Mascon customers. While our cybersecurity does a great job of catching malicious emails there is always the potential for one to make it to your inbox.

You can avoid falling victim to malicious emails or text messages by being aware of a few warning signs.

  • Pay attention to the company name, web address, contact information, and logo as scammers will try to imitate Mascon branding.
  • Poor grammar and spelling mistakes are another red flag since Mascon communications are always prepared by professionals.
  • Any message asking for your login credentials is a clear sign of a scam. Always be cautious and never share your personal information.

Remember, Mascon will never ask you to login through a link. If you’re ever in doubt, it’s a good idea to contact Mascon directly at 1-866-832-6020 to verify the message’s authenticity. Stay Safe!