Pricing Updates – Effective April 1, 2023

Pricing Updates – Effective April 1, 2023

We want to notify you of some upcoming pricing changes to our legacy internet services.

Effective April 1, 2023, a monthly rate increase of $10 will be applicable for legacy subscriptions to residential and commercial internet service plans.

At Mascon, we are committed to providing you quality products and services at the best possible value. We continue to offer fast, reliable internet and Digital TV service to the communities we serve across British Columbia.

Starting on your April 2023 bill, the regular monthly rate for legacy internet plans will each increase by $10.

To learn about your Mascon internet plan rate increase, please visit

Price increases effective on your April invoice which will be received mid March. All prices exclude applicable taxes.

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Internet Packages

Current Internet Packages

Starting with your April 2023 bill (delivered mid-March), the monthly regular rate for your Mascon by TELUS services will increase.

All prices exclude applicable taxes.
Internet PackagesPrevious RateRate IncreaseNew Rate
Business 15 (400GB data)$89.95$10.00$99.95
Business Internet (500GB data)$120.00$10.00$130.00
Business Internet 10$80.00$10.00$90.00
Cablenet Business Turbo (250GB data)$79.95$10.00$89.95
Cablenet Lite (80GB data)$53.00$10.00$63.00
Cablenet Standard (150GB data)$65.00$10.00$75.00
Cablenet Standard Unlimited$83.00$10.00$93.00
Cablenet Turbo (250GB data)$75.00$10.00$85.00
Cablenet Turbo Unlimited$93.00$10.00$103.00
Corporate Office Internet$209.00$10.00$219.00
Enterprise Link (100GB data)$70.00$10.00$80.00
Express Link (40GB data)$48.00$10.00$58.00
Extreme (500GB data)$129.95$10.00$139.95
Extreme Plus (750GB data)$159.95$10.00$169.95
Gamer (250GB data)$90.00$10.00$100.00
Home Office (250GB data)$105.00$10.00$115.00
Internet 10 (100GB data)$80.00$10.00$90.00
Internet 10 (100GB data) Bundle $70.00$10.00$80.00
Internet 10 Plus$90.00$10.00$100.00
Internet 10 Plus Bundle$80.00$10.00$90.00
Internet 100 (600GB data)$115.00$10.00$125.00
Internet 15 (350GB data)$83.00$10.00$93.00
Internet 15 Bundle (350GB data)$78.00$10.00$88.00
Internet 200GB data With TV$89.95$10.00$99.95
Internet 200GB data Without TV$99.95$10.00$109.95
Internet 25$115.00$10.00$125.00
Internet 25 (400GB data)$93.00$10.00$103.00
Internet 25 Bundle 400GB data)$88.00$10.00$98.00
Internet 25GB with TV$49.95$10.00$59.95
Internet 25GB Without TV$59.95$10.00$69.95
Internet 30 (Unlimited Data)$99.00$10.00$109.00
Internet 6 (100GB data)$60.00$10.00$70.00
Internet 65GB data With TV$69.95$10.00
Internet 65GB data Without TV$79.95$10.00$89.95
Internet 7 (80GB data)$75.00$10.00$85.00
Internet 7 (80GB data) Bundle$65.00$10.00$75.00
Internet Lite (50GB data)$60.00$10.00$70.00
Internet Lite (50GB data) Bundle$50.00$10.00$60.00
Internet Residential (Unlimited data)$55.99$10.00$65.99
Lite (250GB data) - Woss$60.00$10.00$70.00
Lite (250GB data) - Gold River$44.95$10.00$54.95
Lite (50GB data) $49.95$10.00$59.95
Pro Link (60GB data)$58.00$10.00$68.00
Residential (60GB data)$60.00$10.00$70.00
Residential Plus (120GB data)$75.00$10.00$85.00
Residential Plus (200GB data)$69.00$10.00$79.00
Residential Plus (350GB data) - Woss$79.00$10.00$89.00
Residential Plus (350GB data) - Gold River$64.00$10.00$74.00
Residential Plus W/ TB (1350GB data)$99.00$10.00$109.00
Soft Link (20GB data)$35.00$10.00$45.00
SOHO Small Office Internet (50GB data)$75.00$10.00$85.00
Sonic (600GB data) - Woss$109.00$10.00$119.00
Sonic (600GB data) - Gold River$94.00$10.00$104.00
Sonic Lite (30GB data)$59.00$10.00$69.00
Sonic W/ Terabyte (1600GB data)$129.00$10.00$139.00
Ultra (1000GB data)$209.00$10.00$219.00
Wimax Legacy Lite (30GB data)$55.00$10.00$65.00