Fibre Internet 10

Residential Fibre Internet 10

Mascon Fibre Internet 10 is available in the following communities:
Mara, Lee Creek, St. Ives and Silver Creek

*For more information on whether or not your address qualifies for Fibre, please speak with one of our representatives by contacting us.

  • Download Speed1 Download Speed1
  • Upload Speed1 Upload Speed1
  • Monthly Data2 Monthly Data2
  • 1 GB Email Accounts 1 GB Email Accounts
  • Free Modem Rental4Free Modem Rental4
  • Free Wifi5Free Wifi5
  • Fibre Internet 10

  • $50

    per month

  • Ideal for light internet usage, casual browsing, music streaming and email.
  • Download Speed1 Up to 10 Mbps
  • Upload Speed1 Up to 10 Mbps
  • Monthly Data2 200 GB
  • 1 GB Email Accounts 15
  • Free Modem Rental4
  • Free Wifi5

* Available in Mara, Lee Creek, St. Ives and Silver Creek.
Pricing effective November 16, 2020
All prices exclude applicable taxes.


Mascon reserves the right to make changes to or withdraw services, pricing, and duration of discount offered at any time without notice. Mascon may charge you for all work and equipment supplied in order to extend existing Mascon network facilities to your premises, including any expenses incurred to secure rights of way, access and occupancy. Mascon is not responsible for the maintenance or repair of facilities or equipment owned by you. The Services require electrical power to operate, which you must supply at no charge to Mascon, and you acknowledge and accept that you may lose service during a power outage unless you supply, install and maintain at your own expense a battery backup power system.

  1. Internet access speed depends on location, usage within the home network, Internet traffic, applicable network management and server configurations. For a description of Mascon’s network management practices, please see
  2. Internet access is subject to usage limits; additional charges apply for exceeding the included data.
  3. Storage space of up to 25 Mb is included with internet service.
  4. Rental equipment must be returned in good condition upon cancellation of service, otherwise the replacement cost will be charged to the account.
  5. Modem rental provided by Mascon is wifi compatible. Wifi service is included with internet service.



Professional Install – $75Mascon will provide a professional aerial installation including bringing new lines to the building.

Our price includes the first 150 ft of cable, installed above ground from the road and 1 outlet in your home.
Activation – $50Activating Mascon services on your account?
A fee for enablement to get your Mascon services up and running.
If you have deactivated your Mascon account, the activation fee will re-enable your services.
One activation fee covers all services registered to your account.
Additional Outlet – $75Additional outlets at time of install are $75.
Data Overages – 15¢/GBAlthough our data limits are some of the highest in the industry, Mascon internet date overage is billed at $0.15 cents per GB.
AirSPEED Wireless internet data overage is billed at $0.35 per GB.
On-Site Service Call – $150/hrService call for customer issue or equipment damage that is not directly caused by Mascon services or equipment.
Business After Hours
On-Site Service Call -$150/hr
Mascon Business Services subscribers only.
After-hours service call for issues that are not related to Mascon services or equipment.