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What happened to Mascon Cable Systems?


What happened to Mascon Cable Systems?

  • By Paul - Web Administrator
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We’re still here, but we are much more than a “Cable” Company.

“Cable” is commonly associated with Television, which is fine since that’s where Mascon started and we’re very proud of our roots. However we’re much more than a TV provider with services like the fastest Internet available, the most expansive wireless internet system in the Shuswap, digital telephone service and web hosting.

Over the past few years all of the towns that we service have been upgraded to fibre Optics allowing us to provide the fastest, most reliable services possible. We continue to put up more fibre every day, expanding our services further into communities helping to connect our customers to the fasted network available.

So while “Cable” was our beginning, “fibre” is our world now, so we’ve decided to change our name from “Mascon Cable Systems” to “Mascon”. This was also the perfect opportunity to come up with a new look, including a revamped website at

We hope you like our new look and would love to hear your feedback!