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Professional and reliable web hosting services.

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Linux Packages

Linux is best suited for sites using HTML, PHP & MySQL databases including CMS systems like WordPress or Joomla.

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Windows Packages

Windows is best suited for sites using HTML, ASP, .NET environment & MS Access databases.

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Reseller Packages

Become your own web hosting provider. All packages include Plesk Control Panel to easily manage your customers accounts.

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Domain Names

Find & register your own unique domain or manage & renew existing domain names.

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Web Presence Builder

Parallels Plesk Web Presence Builder makes complex web design easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Choose a domain name that represents your business and the products and services you offer.

Domain names can be up to 63 characters, but try to create the shortest domain name that is most recognizable to your audience and incorporates a popular keyword into your domain name.

The easier your domain name is to pronounce, the easier it will be to remember.

Dashes work well if you want to create a domain name that is unavailable, i.e. (they also show up higher in search engines)
Some people assume that because their PC runs Windows they need to buy a Windows hosting package. This isn't true. Access to your web account will most likely be through FTP or a control panel and both servers support these methods.

Your choice of server platforms should be dictated by the use to which you intend to put it. The majority of web features run fine on both platforms including PHP, mySQL, POP3 etc. If you intend to create your site using ASP, FrontPage, the .NET environment, Access database, or any of the other Microsoft proprietary technologies then you probably need to use a Windows server.

The reliability and stability of the different platforms have been the topic of many long arguments. The main reason that Windows is seen as being insecure is that it is the most widely used operating system for home PC's. People spend more time looking for flaws in the most common system. With Linux being the most common server type, it has a surprising number of successful hack attempts made on it. In the end the security of both platforms comes down to the competency of the system administrators. If you are security minded then you'll do better to make sure that the hosting company is reputable and highly skilled than to worry about the server they use.

In terms of performance there's not a huge difference between the two servers. Linux reportedly performs faster because Windows (as usual) attempts to offer an 'all in one' package instead of the extendable Linux implementation. You'll generally not notice a difference but if performance is of utmost importance to you then maybe this will influence your decision.

Developers are constantly improving both Linux and Windows so they should be fairly close in terms of features, security, and reliability for a long time.