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Voicemail Phishing Email Circulating


Voicemail Phishing Email Circulating

  • By Paul - Web Administrator
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We’ve just heard about a new Voicemail Email Phishing scam being circulated. See below screenshot for example.


The email appears as a voicemail from your NetCall telephone however is formatted differently than an actual voicemail. Instead of an attached sound file this email has a link to download a file. Hovering over the link displays the address which is clearly bogus and will download a file to your computer which very likely contains malware


Phishing emails have been around for a long time but many people still fall victim to these so its important for everyone to be able to identify a Phishing email and know what to do when one is received. Learn how to identify phishing emails here


If you have any questions regarding phishing emails please contact our tech support team toll free 1.866.832.6020


Voicemail phishing email sample