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TV Packaging Rules and the CRTC


TV Packaging Rules and the CRTC

  • By Paul - Web Administrator
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The CRTC recently required all Class 1 TV service providers (Rogers, Shaw, Bell, Telus) to offer basic cable packages for no more than $25 monthly.  Consumers also had to be given the choice to either add channels to their subscriptions a-la-cart or through prepackaged bundles of no more than 10 channels.


As a Class 3 exempt system Mascon does not fall under that ruling, however, we have always believed in customer choice and support the CRTC’s ruling.  Mascon’s basic cable package is $20, not $25, and we’ve had pick and pay channels and small prepackaged theme packs for at least the last 5 years.


We will be looking at making all of our channels pick and pay early in the new year, that being said, the pricing we have seen by the channel programmers is going to make this option unattractive to most customers in our opinion, which means that the line up we have now, will be the best option for most people.


More to come on this topic.