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Tofino Fiber Installation Update – June 29 2016


Tofino Fiber Installation Update – June 29 2016

  • By Paul - Web Administrator
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Good Morning Tofino …we hope you didn’t stay up too late enjoying Netflix!


This morning our technicians are busy updating everyone’s modem to their new internet packages so everyone will be seeing their new HIGH speeds by noon today.


Last night we saw the Internet traffic coming out of Tofino increase by over 100% with customers still on the old Seaview internet packaging. This meant that traffic in the evening was no longer being limited by the wireless back haul, so while everyone had the slower packaging the internet was much more consistent. The 100% increase in traffic accounts for only about 3% of our total current fiber capacity so even with the new packages coming online today you will not experience the previously seen congestion. Below is a snapshot of the traffic coming out of Tofino before and after the change to Fiber. Notice the new graph wasn’t flat lined at all last night which was the congestion caused by the previously limited wireless back haul capacity.


Old Tofino Wireless Back Haul

New Tofino Fiber Back Haul


To test your new internet connection speed head on over to and run some tests. We’d love to see some results posted on our wall …we’re looking forward to seeing some big numbers today!


Thanks again for your patience …now all the surfing in Tofino will be great!