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Tofino Fiber Installation Update – June 28th 2016


Tofino Fiber Installation Update – June 28th 2016

  • By Paul - Web Administrator
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Andrew in the Tofino Head end ready to go with our fiber, the techs from Telus are driving to Tofino right now. They first had to do some fiber work in Ucluelet as part of this project, that work is now done and they are moving on to the next part. When they arrive they’ll be connecting our fiber to theirs, then they’ll have to do some provisioning and testing. This will take a few hours and if all goes well, the next step is for us to cut over to the newly installed fiber connection from the old wireless connection. This too will take some time and will cause some service interruptions.



andrew-fiberOnce all this is done, we need to let it run overnight, just to make sure all is ok and then on Wednesday morning at 6 am, we’ll be rebooting everyone’s modem and upgrading everyone’s service to our Internet 10. When that’s complete we’ll then go and upgrade everyone to the specific package each person has signed up for. That will take a few hours and by noon Wednesday we should be done and most people will be good to go, aside from the odd issue that will more than likely come up.


So, as you can see, there are lots of moving parts to this, there will be some service interruptions but soon, very soon, high speed internet will be a reality. Thanks for everyone’s patience and we’ll be posting more updates as they become available.


Update: June 28th @ 3PM


fiber-connectedThe fiber equipment has now been installed in the Tofino head end, they are moving on to the fiber provisioning stage and testing.  At this point we are on track and on schedule.


Update: June 28th @ 5PM

We are now live and running on the new Mascon fiber network. So far so good, now we need to let it run over night, then at 6 am we will begin the process of re-configuring everyone’s modem to their new speeds, this will take until around noon. Until then everyone’s internet is still running on the old Seaview packages, it will be better than normal tonight, but you won’t see the full speeds until noon Wednesday. There has been lots of changes today, so there could be some weirdness happening at the odd home, the best move tonight is to just reboot your modem and wireless gear and see if that fixes it. Otherwise give us a call on Wednesday, most issues will be resolved by just rebooting though.

We will post updates on Wednesday as we complete the modem configuring part of this project, after that, we should be done.