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Tofino Fiber Connection Update


Tofino Fiber Connection Update

  • By Paul - Web Administrator
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As of Tuesday May 31st we have been advised that the embargo on new Fiber orders in Tofino was lifted and that our fiber order from Nov 2015 has now been placed into the Telus queue. We will receive a fiber activation date by June 13th which means high speed internet is hopefully only a few more weeks away. Since this fiber order has been in the Telus system for over 7 months now and the fiber optic cables have already been run and connected to our new head-end, we’re expecting a very quick turn around and activation of our fiber service. We will keep everyone updated as we know how excited everyone is to finally have access to reliable high speed internet, we will work hard to make sure our fiber activation isn’t delayed unreasonably.


Thank you for your patience, it’s getting close now.