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Ultimate Choice TV Launches in Tofino April 12th


Ultimate Choice TV Launches in Tofino April 12th

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On April 11th we’ll be turning off most of the analog channels 2 thru 89 and cutting over all digital TV services to Mascon’s new fibre network and launching our Ultimate Choice TV lineup. We will be keeping a very small 7 channel analog service running for a month or 2 as we go thru this process. So on April 12th, if you haven’t called in yet to get your Free HD receiver, you will only have the following channels available until you get the new receiver installed:


digital-transition37 – Chek Victoria
38 – Global Vancouver
39 – ABC
40 – NBC
41 – CBS
42 – TSN
43 – Sportsnet Pacific


Please contact Mascon for your FREE digital receiver as soon as possible to avoid missing your favorite programs.


This is a fairly major move and there may be some hiccups along the way. As we move all the digital receivers from the old line up and network to the new line up and fibre network, there may be some short periods of time with no tv (30 minutes or so) when your digital receiver is downloading the new guide info and line up. Just be patient and let the box do its thing, once done, everything will come back on its own and work normally. Also, most of this will be done over night, so you probably won’t even notice, however, its a long process that could spill over into the day, we just want everyone to be aware. If you have series recordings on your PVR, you will need to delete and reschedule those, as the channel numbers have all changed.As always, if you have any questions or need some help with any of this, please give us a call Toll Free at 1-866-832-6020.


Thanks for your understanding, and one other thing, this is the last major project that we needed to complete before launching our high speed internet service. Stay tuned for more on that news front.