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Mascon Support

Computer Tune Up

Is your computer running a little slow?

Our technicians will get your computer running like new!

Tune Up


Where do you start?

To get your computer cleaned just drop it off at our office during regular business hours and our technicians will get the work done as fast as possible and contact you as soon as its ready.

Here's what we'll do
  • Set a system restore point (system permitting)
  • Delete temporary internet files
  • Defragment hard drive(s)
  • Check LAN settings
  • Install Windows Updates
  • Address(es) configured
  • Messenger service
  • Attachments
  • Install and/or configure Anti-Virus software
  • Update Anti-Virus software
  • Set schedule to keep up to date automatically
  • Ensure email is protected
  • Complete virus scan and removal
  • Complete system scan
  • Immunize spyware