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Past outages

NOTICE: PPV Temporarily Unavailable

Pay-Per-View (PPV) ordering service is currently unavailable on the new content delivery system. Once updates to the PPV system are complete, TV customers in select Mascon serviceable communities will take advantage of ordering live event PPV content directly from the on-screen guide on HD PPV channels 701 and 703 using the set-top box remote control.
Note: Upon completion of the PPV system update, PPV content will be limited to Live Events only, movies will no longer be available for order. TV customers in Silver Creek, Sunnybrae, Lee Creek, St Ives, and Mara will only be able to order PPV by calling 1-866-832-6020 during office hours Monday to Friday. All other TV customers will make PPV orders exclusively through the on-screen guide.

More information available here

Scheduled & Unscheduled Outages

Mascons' goal is to keep all systems online all the time, however from time to time outages can occur.

Sometimes outages are planned such as for equipment upgrades in which case they are scheduled at such a time to be as little inconvenience as possible to our subscribers. All planned outages will be noted on this page.

Other unscheduled outages which may occur can be the result of equipment failure, either here or from our upstream providers (the ones who provide us with internet access) as well as power outages. Our office uses a generator to keep our systems online however if there is no power in your area it will affect your internet service until its restored. Fortis BC and BC Hydro provide their own outages page which can let you know when/if the power in your area is down or scheduled to be down. Our technicians are immediately informed of outages and respond as soon as possible. Some outages occur in remote locations and require time to access the sites, so some time may be involved, please be patient.