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Self Help – Mascon Stream TV

Questions about Mascon Stream TV? Our most common questions and solutions can be found below.

* Note: Mascon Stream TV is only available in certain locations at this time. Watch for updates and announcements coming soon!


What is Mascon Stream TV?

Mascon Stream TV instantly gives you total control of the TV programming you love, and
much more!

Unlike traditional TVs and set top boxes that get a TV signal over a coaxial cable connected to a cable wall jack in your home, your Stream TV device gets the TV signal over a wired or wireless connection to your home network.

You’ll receive all of your channels, as well as On Demand and access to streaming providers, over that one

connection. With the ability to record shows, movies and every episode of a series you won’t miss a thing!

Learn more here!

How to add Apps and your other Streaming Accounts to Mascon Stream TV.

Setting up access your new Apps like Youtube, Prime Video, and Netflixfrom the Apps & Games section in the home screen is easy with this guide.

Voice with Google Assistant.

To use the voice command feature press and release Google Assistant button, and speak into the microphone on the remote.

See this helpful guide for details.

How to program your remote.

Follow the instructions here to pair your remote with the Stream TV box and almost any Smart TV.

What is OnePass?

A OnePass search gathers every available episode of a series (whether streaming, broadcast TV, or on demand), every game or match from a specific team, or every sporting event in a league and adds them right to your My Shows list to watch instantly.

See this helpful guide for details.

How to record shows and movies with myStream TV PVR and OnePass.

OnePass finds and saves all the episodes of a series available from your PVR recordings, on demand shows and streaming services (such as Netflix), and puts them together under My Shows in a list.

My Shows and How it Works.

The My Shows list contains all of your streaming videos from On Demand or apps like Netflix, Prime video, Crave, and more, and all of your recordings.

How to turn on/off accessibility features.

Follow the steps here to access Subtitles & Closed Captioning and Language & Audio Description.

How to turn on/off parental controls.

Parental Controls help you make sure your family has access to only those shows you want them to watch.

See this helpful guide for details.

How to use the program guide to find shows.

The on-screen program guide displays up to two weeks of TV programming. To reach the Guide, select the Guide button on the remote or go to the Home screen and choose Guide.

See this helpful guide for details.

How to use the Start Over – Catch Up (SoCu)* Feature.

Keep up with your shows using the Start Over and Catch Up feature.

See this helpful guide for details.

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