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Self Help – Internet and WiFi

Questions about Mascon Internet? Our most common questions and solutions can be found below.

Internet Topics

Why is my Internet not working?

There are a lot of possible reasons why your internet isn’t working. An offline modem/gateway, hardware failure, or other issues might be to blame.

Try the solutions here to resolve the issue and get back online.

Troubleshooting: Some devices won’t connect to WiFi.

If you are able to connect some devices but not all your devices to the internet, this issue is likely to be a device or connection based issues.

Try the following these simple troubleshooting steps until your issue is resolved.

What is the difference between 2.4GHz and 5GHz?

2.4 GHz offers speeds great for surfing and coverage for farther distances. 5 GHz offers faster speeds great for streaming in a closer range of the modem/gateway.

Each network has its advantages and disadvantages. See the table here for more information.

Why Is my Internet so slow?

Slow Internet speeds can be a result of many things. It could be a problem with your modem/gateway, WiFi signal, or even devices on your network saturating your bandwidth.

Try these steps for a quick fix to your slow internet issues.

How to Restart your Modem/Gateway.

Many Internet issues can be quickly solved by restarting your modem/gateway.

Follow these easy steps.

How to minimize radio interference.

Some devices may cause interference with your WiFi signal if they are within close proximity to your modem/gateway. If possible, try removing or turning off the sources of potential interference.

Try to relocate the following away from your modem/gateway and WiFi devices.

Internet / WiFi frequently asked questions.

WiFi is technology that connects your personal devices, such as your tablet, smart phone or laptop, to the Internet without a physical wired connection. This technology transmits radio signals to and from your modem so you can browse webpages, stream videos or play online games.

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Troubleshooting: Disconnecting WiFi.

How often are you getting disconnected from the Internet despite being located close to, or in the same room as your modem?

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How to stop video buffering.

Video buffering is an unwelcome consequence of streaming video. When we watch a movie on a TV set, we expect continuous, uninterrupted signals. But streaming is another matter. When you watch a video, even a simple YouTube video, you can fall victim to buffering problems.

Here are some simple steps to help alleviate video buffering.

How to View your Internet Data Usage.

The best way to predict your future home internet needs is to look at your current and past usage. You can view your internet data usage to ensure you are on a plan that meets your needs.

Here are some simple steps to help navigate checking your data usage.