Seasonal Reconnections

Seasonal Reconnections

Contact us a minimum of three business days in advance of when you require service reconnection. Service reconnection requests are only processed during the office hours of 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Call 1-866-832-6020 to schedule your reconnection request.

Please note that if your property’s power is shut off or your TV equipment is unplugged since last visit, TV service will not be available upon your arrival. You must call us back again to complete the reconnection process once your power is back on and equipment plugged in. Technical support is available between 6am-8pm weekdays, and 8am-4pm weekends to assist with your Mascon products.

If your internet is not working upon arrival, unplug the modem for 15 seconds and plug it back in. Wait a few minutes and try to connect again. If you have a wireless router as well as a cable modem, reboot both pieces of equipment, leaving them unplugged for 15 seconds and plugging the modem in first, then the wireless router. Wait a few minutes and try your connection again.

We look forward to reconnecting your Mascon services.