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New HD Formats – Customer Action Needed


New HD Formats – Customer Action Needed

  • By Paul - Web Administrator
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Starting this spring and running the next few years some of our TV signals will be changing to a new HD format called MPEG 4. As MPEG 4 is a relatively new standard, it is not compatible with the older Standard Definition Digital Boxes. Customers using the older style Standard Definition Mpeg 4Digital Box will need to upgrade to the newer HD Boxes to avoid any service disruption or loss of channels. We’ll exchange your primary digital box at no cost and offer 50% off the purchase price of any secondary boxes.


Additionally, at Mascon we have several grandfathered channel line ups that some customers are still subscribed to. We will also need to move customers from any grandfathered channel line ups to our new Digital Starter line-up as they will become obsolete in the future.


The simplest way to find out your situation is to go to channel 203, if it comes up as CFJC Kamloops HD with picture and sound, you are good to go. Now check the other TV’s in your home, if they work too then you are already up to date with the correct boxes and channel line-up. If channel 203 comes up as CTV BC, or has no picture or no sound, then your equipment and/or your line-up will need to be upgraded.


Here is the link to our new Digital Starter line-up for your reference:


Once you have done the self-test as outlined above and have determined that CH 203 is not CFJC Kamloops HD with picture and sound, please email or call us at 1-866-832-6020 to schedule the equipment upgrade, we will take care of the rest.


Mascon will also be calling and emailing all affected customers either way works but if you call us you’ll jump to the front of the line and get upgraded earlier.