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Mascon Purchases Seaview Communications Ltd.


Mascon Purchases Seaview Communications Ltd.

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Mascon has purchased Seaview Communications Ltd. and will take over the day to day operations and technical support as of Thursday October 15th.

The local Seaview Communications office has been closed; please contact Mascon using the following options.

Toll Free: 1.866.832.6020

Mascon is excited to be a member of the Tofino community and has many exciting changes just around the corner!

For more information on Mascon please visit us online at

Tofino Q and A

  • Who is Mascon?
    Mascon is a privately owned TV, Internet and Phone provider that has been operating in BC for the last 35 years. We currently run 8 cable systems in the interior of BC and now Tofino. We have 20 highly trained and experienced staff that are ready to answer all your questions, well most questions, if they don’t know, they will find out.
  • When did Mascon purchase Seaview Communications?
    We purchased Seaview and fully take over operations on Nov 1st, but we will be taking over tech support and day to day operations on Oct 15th.
  • What’s going to happen on Nov 1st?
    Not much will change on Nov 1st as it relates to your TV and Internet service, but everything is going to change once we complete our fibre optic network rebuild. Every service that we sell on will be available to everyone in Tofino after the rebuild is complete, in about 6 months. This includes our super-fast 100 Mbps internet service to every home that wants it, a 100% digital tv line up and telephone service.
  • Ok that sounds good, so how do we get a hold of you?
    Call us at 1-866-832-6020 or email us at for general inquires or for technical support, we’re also on Facebook and Twitter. All our hours of operation and contact info is available on our website,
  • What does Mascon have to do to get us all these new services running and the faster internet?
    We have lots of work to do before we can launch any of our services. The first thing we need to do is get everyone on Digital for tv, we will be giving 1 free HD Receiver to everyone that doesn’t have one now. Once everyone is converted to digital, which will take about 4 months, we’ll be able to launch our new 100% digital line up. While this is going on we’ll also be installing lots of fibre optics and will be running fibre to all the businesses, hotels, lodges and resorts at no charge. The last piece of the puzzle is the government funded project to bring a fibre back haul connection to Tofino sometime in the spring of 2016. We are fully engaged in this project and have already secured our connection to the back haul fibre. Once that is done, we’ll be able to launch our high speed internet and telephone services. If everything goes as planned, all Mascon services should be ready to roll before next summer.
  • How does Mascon compare to other providers?
    We think we stack up pretty well to anyone out there, in price, in product and in customer service. We don’t have contracts, you can change, increase, decrease, stop and start your service pretty much whenever you want. We want you to be our customer because you want to, not because you signed a 3 year contract. You’ll find that we are very easy to deal with and our staff are very good at what they do, give us a call or email us and find out for yourself.
  • When do we switch over to Mascon pricing?
    Your pricing will stay exactly the same as it is now until you switch from Seaview TV and Internet services to Mascon services with a few exceptions. Starting Nov 1st all equipment pricing, installation fees and service charges will change to Mascon pricing, which is lower in every case. Also starting Nov 1st we will be dropping the Internet Bandwidth Overage Fees from $3.00/GB, your current rate, to $1.50/GB until we get our fibre connection completed, then the rate will drop to $0.15/GB, our normal Mascon rate.
  • How do I make a payment?
    We have several payment methods:
    – Cheque, mail to Mascon PO Box 3386 Salmon Arm BC V1E4S2
    – Pre Authorized Chequing
    – Credit Card, Visa or Master Card.
    – On-Line and Telephone Banking
    – Pay at any bank
    Please note, you only need the last 4 or 5 digits of your account number for telephone or on-line banking and choose Mascon as the Payee.