Reboot Your AirSpeed Wireless Network

Troubleshooting Performance Issues

The wireless radio used to provide you with high speed internet is very much like a computer. Sometimes a large amount of data, corrupt packets, or environmental factors can cause the software on your modem to become unstable, locked up, or extremely bogged down. This results in either poor internet performance or sometimes no connectivity at all (often signified by the Cannot find server error message in Internet Explorer, among other signs). If you have a router, it is also subject to this same behavior. The good thing is the solution is quite simple. Like a computer, a simple reboot (or power cycle) fixes the issue. The instructions below will help you identify what to look for and how to go about rebooting your equipment.

Step 1 – Shut down your computer
On Windows machines, you can do this by going to Start, clicking on Shut Down and selecting shut down from the list. On Macs you can do this by clicking the Apple menu and going to Shut down.

Step 2 – Locate the radios power injector
The power injector is simply a junction between your computer or router and the radio on the outside of your house. It’s purpose is to provide power to the radio. Unplug the DC power (little black power plug) from the injector (or simply unplug the injector from the power outlet on wall), wait 15 seconds, then plug it back in.
Step 3 – Locate the router’s power supply
Routers are devices that distribute an internet signal between more than one computer. If you DO NOT have a router, proceed to step 4. If you do have a router, you will want to power cycle this as well. Unplug the DC power from the device (usually located on the back of the unit) for 15 seconds, then plug the device back in.

DO NOT PRESS THE RESET BUTTON. This resets the router’s configuration to factory set defaults, which may result in additional problems.

Step 4 – Turn on your PC
After you have completed the other steps you can now turn your computer back on (usually by just hitting the power button). After the computer is fully booted up you can open your internet browser and see if you are able to connect.

The above is meant as a starting point for troubleshooting connectivity issues. If you complete the steps and continue to have troubles it may mean that your radios antenna needs to be realigned, or you have a computer issue/misconfiguration. If this is the case don’t hesitate to contact us.