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Mascon fibre Connections

Customers frequently ask what is the best internet/tv/telephone connection to get?

At Mascon we offer 4 different types, Direct fibre Connection, FTTH (fibre to the Home), HFC (Hybrid fibre Coax) and Wireless, so which is better? The short answer is, it depends on your situation, your geographic location, your needs and your budget. At the end of the day, aside from wireless, there is very little difference to the services received on any of the fibre based solutions, certainly none that the average customer would notice.

100 Mbps Direct fibre = 100 Mbps HFC = 100 Mbps FTTH – there is No difference in speed.

1080i HD with Dolby Digital on Direct fibre = 1080i HD with Dolby Digital on HFC = 1080i HD with Dolby Digital on FTTH – there is No difference in HD picture quality or sound.

Audio Quality on Direct fibre = Audio Quality on HFC = Audio Quality on FTTH – there is No difference in audio quality.

Let’s break it down another way.

Here we have 3 red cars. Each is different in its look and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Even though they are different sports cars, when properly tuned each will get you where you need to go with very little if any noticable difference in speed and handling.

Direct fibre HFC FTTH
 speed1  speed2 speed3

​If you have any questions about your internet/tv or phone service, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.