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Keep your PVR cool

The PVR has been observed to run better and perhaps produce fewer occurrences of “bugs” or un-designed behavior when it is kept running at a cooler temperature.

Steps to keep your cable box running cooler:

  • The Motorola manual recommends maintaining at least 2 inches of space surrounding the box on all sides and on top to allow for proper ventilation.
  • Install a USB-powered laptop/notebook cooler on top of the STB, a device that will pull air off the top and push it out the back. The USB ports on the front or back of the STB, if powered, may be used to power the cooler.

    Note: The USB ports may or may not be powered on your particular STB. The back ports have been found more likely to be powered than the front port

  • Install an 80mm or 120mm PC fan behind the STB, powered by a PC power supply or variable DC power supply.