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How do I order Pay-Per-View movies and events?

Ordering Pay Per View movies and events can be done 2 ways

  1. Contact Mascon during regular business hours and we can make the order for you
  2. Order Online at any time up to the movie/event run time

To order your online you must first register for an account.

Once you have an account registered follow these instructions

Maintain Digital Box Nickname
Immediately upon successful registration, the Maintain Digital Box nickname page appears. Nicknames are a convenient way to remember the digital box as opposed to remember the 16 digit UA number. Use this feature to assing nicknames to the active digital boxes in your account

Online Ordering and Browsing
A successful login will bring you to the Pay Per View Schedule page. This page is separated into 2 panes. The top pane displays your current Open Orders that are ready to take place. If you have not placed any orders or the time has past for a recent order, then there will not be any orders present.

The bottom pane displayes the current Pay Per View Schedule, which lists the first group of 20 titles, sorted by the most recent date/time to occur. Then by Event Title in alphabetical order for that given time period. You will notice the online schedule will coincide with the onscreen guide of your digital box.

Important Notes about Browsing and Ordering

The default schedule will display movies and events for the next 7 day period. Click the Next or Previous links at the bottom of the schedule table to browse the remaining pages of the schedule for the movies or event you wish to order.

Search for a Title: Enter a movie or event title in the blank field beside Title. Click the Search button to display that movie or event. Unsure of the title, type part of the name and click Search.
Search by Start Date/Time: Simply click the Start Date/Time link and the schedule will sort in chronological order with the most recent start date/time first .

All movies and events can be purchased up to 15 minutes after the movie or event has begun.

Multiple movies or events can be ordered on the same digital box at the same time.

Orders assigned to one digital box cannot be viewed on another digital box unless the same order has been ordered for another digital box, meaning you have made 2 or more orders on 2 or more digital boxes.

To being the ordering process, follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Search the movie or vent you wish to order
  2. Click the movie or event title link for the movie or event you wish to order
  3. Select the Digital Box yo wish to view the movie or event on. If you have more than one digital box, select the appropriate digital box. Click the Continue button. If you do not wish to proceed, click the Cancel button
  4. To accept the order, confirm the title, start date/time, channel and price information displayed is correct. If correct, click the Accept Order button. This wil process your order and the Order was Successful message appears. Click the Click here to continue link to return to the pay per view scheudl page where you will now see the order in the Open Orders pane.
  5. To view the Pay Per View movie or event you ordered, remember to set your digital box to the channel number assigned in your order. The movie or event will appear at the date/time in your order

Canceling an Open Order

You can cancel any Pay Per View order from the Open Orders pane, provided the Start Date/Time has not passed.

To cancel an open order, follow these 2 easy steps:

  1. Click the Cancel link beside the order you wish to cancel
  2. The following message appears, “You have elected to cancel the Pay Per View order. if you are sure click Cancel Order. Confirm the title, start time and digital box listed is correct. If so, click the Cancel Order button. This will process your cancellation request and the Event cancelled successfully message appears. Click the Click here to continue link to return to the Pay Per View schedule page where you wil now see that order has been removed form the Open Orders pane