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How do I access and manage Voice Mail, Call Waiting and Call Display? Is there a telephone manual?

A telephone manual is available on our manuals page here

To access Voicemail
  • Pick up your Home Phone and dial*40
  • You will be prompted to enter your password. The default password is 123456.
To access Voicemail remotely
  • Call your Home Phone line and when the Voicemail answers, press*.
  • Enter your password. You will now have full access to your Voicemail.
To set your Voicemail Greeting
  • After accessing your voicemail, press 0.
  • Press 1 to record your unavailable message (nobody available to answer the phone). Alternatively, press 2 to record your busy message.
  • Follow the system prompts to save your greeting.
To change your Voicemail password
  • After accessing your voicemail, press 0.